Zerspanung Einrichten Drehen


Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities and a wide range of materials, KUNDERT can manufacture customised plastic parts that are optimally tailored to your needs.

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Range of components

  • Prototypes, small and large batches
  • Whole range from small precision components to large-scale machine components
  • Simple and complex turned / milled parts (short and long turning, 5-axis simultaneous)
  • Just-in-time production through automated production systems
  • Mechanically reworked blanks (PUR, injection molding)

Manufacturing possibilities

The production department for machining comprises around 50 machines, including over 25 CNC machining centres and 70 employees.


  • 6-axis high-speed machining centres for large area parts and complex geometries
  • 5-axis machining centres for complex parts
  • 4-axis machining centres for larger runs
  • 3-axis milling machines for simpler parts


  • CNC turning centres with up to 5 controlled axis and counter spindles from rod or feed
  • CNC sliding headstock lathes with up to 10 controlled axis, wet and dry machining
  • CNC universal lathe for large turned parts