Parts for the medical technology

Frästeil Monitor HB

Parts for medical technology are subject to strict requirements. Material and processing know-how are of central importance and belong to KUNDERT's core competencies.

KUNDERT is your contact for machined precision parts including assembly of components for medical technology. We supply, for example, the fields of surgery, intensive care/ventilation and dental medicine. Examples are handles for surgical instruments or valves for respirators.

We provide advice on materials, design and manufacturing. Common materials such as PEEK MT and PPSU MT are immediately available from our own warehouse. Complete traceability from the customer order to the semi-finished product to the raw material used is part of the standard process.

If you would like more information about a specific application or have specific questions, for example about the sterilisability of our materials, our team of materials and production specialists will be happy to hear from you.