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Injection and polyurethane moulds are the decisive factor for high-quality plastic and polyurethane parts. Experience and in-depth knowledge of injection moulding, polyurethane casting and tool and mould making are the prerequisites for the optimum design of moulded parts and tools. In-house toolmaking, modern production techniques and qualified and experienced employees are the key to quality, efficiency and speed.

Tool and mould making

All injection and polyurethane moulds are designed and manufactured in-house. In addition to the usual machining methods, we are also equipped for hard milling / turning (with driven tools) and wire cutting. This enables us to manufacture complex tools and moulds with offset separations, thread unscrewing cores, inclined slides, electric and hydraulic core pulls, etc.

Moulds made by KUNDERT

  • Product design, component development
  • Conception of the mould
  • Rheological calculations (filling simulation)
  • Mould design
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Storage

Benefits for our customers

KUNDERT has an extensive range of so-called master moulds, which enable us to produce only a few additional, item-specific mould elements for certain moulded parts or coatings. This is reflected in an attractive price for our customers.

After the production of customer-specific moulds, the first casts are made, checked for all dimensions at KUNDERT and approved by the customer by means of an initial sample test report. Series production is only started after customer approval.

To ensure high quality and a long service life, the moulds are professionally maintained, serviced and preserved.