Parts for the electrical industry

Drehteil Stecker Elektroindustrie HB

Do you need a plastic with electrical properties? Then it must first be clarified whether a static dissipative, a conductive or an electrically insulating plastic is required. KUNDERT will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right material.

Plastics with a specific surface resistance greater than 1012 ohms are considered non-conductors. Plastics tend to become electrostatically charged. Very good insulators are, for example, PP, POM or PA.

Electrical conductivity, antistatic or static dissipative properties can be achieved by modification. ESD protection is also possible.

106 to 1011 ohms corresponds to the range of statically dissipative plastics. PEEK SD black or POM C SD natural are used here.

At 102 to 104 ohms we speak of electrical conductivity. PEEK ELS nano black or PVDF ELS black are two possible material examples.

Whether for the production of connectors or housings, mechanically manufactured precision parts made of plastics with electrical properties are characterised by precise bores with narrow tolerances. One possible application for this is plug-in connections with contact pins.

If you would like more information or have questions about a specific application, our team of materials and production specialists will be happy to hear from you.