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Materials used in medical technology are subject to high demands. Plastics have many key properties here, such as good resistance to chemicals and radiation and the associated sterilisability. KUNDERT offers semi-finished products and finished parts made of thermoplastics that meet the high demands of medical technology.

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Plastics for medical technology

The following requirements/properties in particular are fulfilled:

  • Tests for biocompatibility on semi-finished products
  • Very good resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Resistance to common sterilisation processes such as hot steam, hot air, ethylene oxide or gamma rays
  • Compliance testing of the processing aids used
  • Care during storage and dispatch thanks to shrink-wrapping

Semi-finished plastic products and finished plastic parts from KUNDERT are used in the following areas of application in medical technology:

  • Orthopaedics/Traumatology
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy
  • Intensive care medicine/respiration
  • Dental medicine
  • Sterilisation

Semi-finished plastic products tested for use in medical technology facilitate the approval of our customers' medical technology products. For this reason, all semi-finished products with the suffix 'MT' (medical technology) in their designation have been tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993. The order-related issue of the biocompatibility certificate therefore not only contains information on the conformity of the raw materials, but also the results of the corresponding tests carried out on the semi-finished product in accordance with ISO 10993. The order-related issue also ensures complete traceability from the customer order to the semi-finished product to the raw materials used.

KUNDERT offers a wide range of plastics that are suitable for use in medical technology:

  • Tecapeek MT (PEEK MT), various colours
  • Tecapeek MT CF 30 (PEEK MT CF 30), 30 % carbon fibres, black
  • Tecapeek MT Classix (PEEK MT CLASSIX), white
  • Tecason MT (PPSU MT), various colours
  • Tecapro MT (PP MT), white
  • Tecapeek MT XRO (PEEK MT XRO), x-ray detectable, made to order
  • Tecason MT XRO (PPSU MT XRO), x-ray detectable, made to order
  • Tecatec PEEK MT CW50, 50 % carbon fibres, black

Our materials specialists, who have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in handling plastics for medical technology, will be happy to support you. Give us a call.