The technical documentation on thermoplastics includes informative documents on thermoplastics in general, their properties and possible fields of application. In addition, the documents on the material groups provide an overview of their properties, which are presented graphically in selected diagrams.

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General part



  • Sliding applications

    Some plastics are ideal for applications where optimum sliding behaviour is required. You can find out which plastics are suitable here in this document.

  • Castors

    Plastic castors are used in a wide range of applications. Plastics and polyurethanes are ideal when smooth running, wear or resistance to chemicals are required.

  • Medical technology

    When plastics are used in medical technology, particular attention must be paid to selecting the optimum material. This document will help you with this.

  • Gear wheels

    Plastic gears are used, among other things, when dry running, good damping, smooth running or chemical resistance are important.

Material groups