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As one of the most diverse and largest suppliers of semi-finished plastic products in Switzerland, KUNDERT has over 180 different types of plastic in over 5000 dimensions. The modern high-bay warehouse offers space for 700 tonnes in over 2000 storage compartments. We use the extensive range of plastics for the machining production of customised finished parts on the one hand and as a supplier of round and hollow rods, sheets and blanks on the other.

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Plastics for industrial applications


  • High performance plastics: PI, PEEK, PAI, PPS, PPSU, PES, PSU, PEI, PC-HT
  • Engineering plastics: PC, PPE, PPA, PET, PBT, POM, PA, PMP
  • Standard plastics: PMMA, PS, ABS, SAN, PVC, PP, PE
  • Reinforcing materials and additives: MoS2, carbon fibres, glass fibres, glass beads, graphite, PE, PTFE, etc.


  • Fibre composites based on glass fibres, glass mats, glass fabrics and carbon fibres
  • Laminated fabric and laminated paper in all EN and special qualities


  • PTFE virgin and regenerated
  • PTFE with reinforcing materials and additives such as carbon, glass, graphite, ceramic, PI, etc.


  • High performance polyurethanes: UK-AAP, UK-APP
  • Vulkollan®/Desmodur®15: UK-VUL
  • Engineering polyurethanes: UK-KAC, UK-KAA, UK-DAA, UK-KHT, UK-KEC, UK-KBE
  • Standard polyurethanes: UK-MAI, UK-MED

Vulkollan® / Desmodur® are registered trademarks of the Covestro Group. More information ...

Our materials specialists, who have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in handling plastics for industry, will be happy to support you. Give us a call.