Zuschnitt Platten


As one of the most diverse and largest suppliers of semi-finished plastic products in Switzerland, KUNDERT has over 180 different types of plastic in over 5000 dimensions. The modern high-bay warehouse offers space for 700 tonnes in over 2000 storage compartments. The extensive cutting service allows us to supply you with the products you require within 24 hours, subject to stock availability.

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Product range

  • Round bars / Round bar cuts (raw or ground)
  • Hollow rods / Hollow rod cuts (raw or ground)
  • Customer-specific profiles and pipes
  • Sheets / Sheet cuttings
  • Discs from sheets


KUNDERT makes the PLASTICS SHOP available to purchasers of semi-finished plastic products (including blanks). From the current stock of all available dimensions to the binding price of your desired cut-to-size dimensions, everything can be called up here and the order placed immediately.