KING-SIZE® Outdoor chess pieces


Made with plastic waste from the sea - for the sake of the environment.

Outdoor chess pieces are produced under the name KING-SIZE®, which are used on playgrounds or camping sites, in parks and in many other places. This in-house development by KUNDERT was created in cooperation with the city of Zurich.

The KING-SIZE® outdoor chess pieces are made from a high-quality and sustainable raw material, for which plastic waste from the sea is used. This advances the efforts to rid the oceans of plastic waste. The use of recycled material for the production of the KING-SIZE® outdoor chess pieces promotes the circular economy and thus leads to a reduction in the consumption of non-renewable fossil resources.

The plastic waste comes from different regions of the world. A high value is placed on sustainability when collecting the waste. Due to the reusability of the plastic waste, it is given a value. This can help local fishermen, for example, to earn a living for themselves and their families when fishing no longer covers their livelihoods due to empty seas.

KING-SIZE® is a registered trademark of KUNDERT AG.