Rollers and rails for wire, rope and chain guidance

Polyuerthanbeschichtung Umlenkrolle HB

Wire, rope and chain guides place very different demands on rollers and rails. Plastics and polyurethanes can be adapted very specifically to these requirements and lead to optimum performance and service life.

In mechanical engineering, wires, ropes and chains are used in a wide variety of designs. Their areas of application are equally versatile. When wires, ropes or chains are used, they have to be guided, tensioned and deflected.

Plastics and polyurethanes can be optimally adapted to the respective field of application and thus offer a perfect overall package of properties:

  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Very good resistance to chemicals, radiation and weathering
  • Very good damping properties
  • Best possible running smoothness due to oscillation and vibration damping

Due to these and other excellent properties, rollers and rails made of plastic or metal with polyurethane coating are used wherever wires, ropes or chains are used.

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