Robot gripper for automated handling systems

Polyurethanbeschichtung Greifer HB

Grippers are used in handling systems and in the use of robots, and they have to meet high requirements.

Due to the increasing automation of processes, such as the manufacture or assembly of products, more and more handling systems are being used. High demands are placed on the components such as robot grippers that come into contact with the product. The products must not be damaged or extreme environmental conditions prevail. The versatility of the requirements is enormous. For each application, materials must be found that are suitable for the respective use.

Due to many years of experience in this field, KUNDERT is your ideal contact for all questions concerning handling systems and robot grippers.

In the following areas of application, KUNDERT has been able to realise projects together with customers and supply finished parts or complete assemblies:

  • Polyurethane gripper attachments for the semiconductor industry
  • Polyurethane-coated gripper jaws for the packaging industry
  • Thinnest polyurethane coatings (from 0.1 mm layer thickness) of metal or plastic grippers as protection of the goods to be gripped against damage by the grippers
  • Robot grippers with integrated suction cup for handling frozen products

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