Polyurethane materials for high application temperatures

Polyurethan Saugnapf HB

If high temperatures occur in applications, polyurethane systems usually reach their limits. However, KUNDERT offers polyurethanes with outstanding properties for precisely such cases, where most materials fail.

Polyurethanes have very good damping properties. However, this often desired property results in the absorbed kinetic energy being converted into heat and thus heating the component.

In other cases, the high ambient or application temperature leads to destruction of the material.

Whereas in the first case, the heat generated can often be dissipated by a clever design of the component, in the second case, materials that can withstand the high temperatures must be used in any case.

The following KUNDERT polyurethane systems have been specially developed for use at high temperatures:

  • UK-KHT 80A to 95A: -35 to 110 °C, briefly up to 140 °C
  • UK-APP 95A: -35 to 110 °C, briefly up to 120 °C
  • UK-AAP 97A: -35 to 115 °C, briefly up to 130 °C

If you would like more information on a specific application or would like to discuss the possibilities in terms of high-temperature resistance, our team of materials specialists will be pleased to hear from you.