Parts for conveyer systems

Polyurethanbeschichtung Rohr HB

The term conveyor system is very broad; each application places different demands on systems and components. Thanks to the wide-ranging experience from the most diverse sectors, a suitable solution could be found for every application, no matter how specific and exotic it may sound.

KUNDERT manufactures components and assemblies for a wide range of conveying applications. For example, rollers and pulleys are manufactured that can drive or deflect conveyor belts, which in turn are used in food production.

In intralogistics, among other things, shuttle systems are used that run on polyurethane-coated rollers. Performance and service life are optimised to the maximum through the use of KUNDERT polyurethane systems specially developed for the highest requirements.

Plastic modular belts are characterised by a long service life as well as simple and fast maintenance and repair. Due to the wide range of plastics, the right material can be found for a variety of different applications (e.g. food contact or aggressive chemicals). KUNDERT manufactures various components for such belts.

Guide elements such as rails are also always used in conveyor systems. These can, for example, consist of a metal rail with a polyurethane coating, which ensures the quietest and most wear-resistant operation possible.

The applications described represent only a very small excerpt from the versatile world of conveyor systems and their components which are manufactured by KUNDERT.

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