Welcome to our new website

Büro Website

After more than a year of planning and work, we are pleased to welcome you to our new website and the new PLASTICS SHOP from 23 December 2023!

In connection with the introduction of a new ERP system and the associated reprogramming of the PLASTICS SHOP, it quickly became clear that the website should also be refreshed at the same time.

Our old website was from 2016 and was always praised for its simple navigation and intuitively understandable online shop. Already at the beginning of the planning of the new website, it was clear that this should remain so!

The menu structure has therefore remained largely the same. Certain pages were combined, others were added. But the logic of the site remained the same. A new addition, however, is our blog, on which we will be publishing articles such as these and on many other topics in future. The presentation of new manufacturing processes and materials will be highlighted as well as our services. These technical reports will be supplemented with articles on everyday life and events at KUNDERT.

In addition to the website with its informative pages, our two database applications – the online shop and the plastics database – also have a new look. The structure of the former is unchanged, but it has been enriched with a few new and helpful functional elements that make ordering semi-finished plastic products even easier and more efficient.

The database, an ideal tool for engineers and designers, is currently being rejuvenated and will soon also be available on our website.

What has changed fundamentally compared to the previous website, however, is the design and the possibility for you as a visitor and user of our website to reach the content that interests you or that you are looking for as quickly as possible. In addition, the new site is responsive, meaning it can be used equally on all devices, whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

We hope you enjoy the new website and look forward to any feedback – positive or negative – that we receive.

The easiest way to send us your feedback is to send it to support@kundert.ch. We look forward to it.