Circular economy

Kreislaufwirtschaft Zyklus

Recycling of production waste – no plastic waste pollution!

Plastic waste, or «plastic rubbish» in colloquial terms, is a major environmental problem. The longevity, actually one of the outstanding properties of plastics, can also become a problem. Many plastics cannot be degraded by microorganisms. Everyone can play a part in protecting nature by preventing such waste from entering the environment in the first place and disposing of or recycling it in a way that is appropriate for the material.

As a company that is active in the processing of plastics, there is always production waste. Wherever possible and energetically sensible, this waste is collected by type and fed into material recycling. This means that the waste can be reused in the production of plastics. For other materials that cannot be processed in this form of material recycling due to their chemical structure or for technical reasons, thermal recycling is used. In this process, energy is recovered from the waste.

You can read about the extent to which waste from the sea can already be used today in our report on the KING-SIZE® outdoor chess pieces.