KUNDERT's company history


Founding of the company Ernst Kundert, as a sole trader with its headquarters in Zurich. Activities of the business: Sales agencies for products for the textile industry in Switzerland.


Relocation of the company to Feldbach am Zürichsee, municipality of Hombrechtikon (ZH).


The sons of the founder, Ernst und Heinz Kundert, start working at the company and take over the management shortly thereafter.


Change of the company's legal format from a sole trader to a general partnership under the name of Ernst Kundert & Co.


Inclusion of the first, in-house production in Schweizersholz (TG) for metallic gear wheels and technical plastic parts.


Move into the newly set up office building at the company headquarters in the municipality of Hombrechtikon (ZH).


Name change to KUNDERT & Co.


Change from a general partnership to a joint-stock company KUNDERT AG.


Construction and commissioning of a production facility for the machining of plastic parts in Jona (SG).


After the sudden death of Ernst Kundert, his son Heinz Kundert takes on the responsibility of running the company as the sole managing director.


Markus Kundert joins the company and takes over the management of sales and technology.


Stefan Kundert joins the company and takes over the management of the accounts and organisation.


Is awarded the SQS certificate for the first time in accordance with ISO 9002/EN 29002.


Move into the newly set up industrial premises in the municipality of Jona (SG). Administration, the production of plastic parts and the polyurethane casting facility are brought together at the new premises with around 100 employees. The company headquarters are moved from Hombrechtikon (ZH) to Jona (SG).


The ownership structure of KUNDERT AG is revised. The totality of Heinz Kundert's shares are sold in equal parts to his sons Markus, Stefan and Heinz Kundert jun.


KUNDERT AG sells its production of metallic gear wheels in Schweizersholz (TG) and focuses on the fast-growing plastics sector.


KUNDERT celebrates its 100-year anniversary in September. The company evolved over 100 years from a commercial firm to become a modern industrial firm in the supply industry. The owners thank the employees, suppliers and friends of the company on the 8th of September with a huge anniversary celebration.


The directors and co-owners of KUNDERT AG, Markus Kundert and Stefan Kundert, purchase the remaining KUNDERT AG shares not yet in their possession, divided equally. The focus of the owners on the two operationally active General Managers permits a quick and sound decision-making process, which ensures the existence and consolidation of KUNDERT AG's position in a dynamic market.


On the 20th of November 2014, the Entrepreneur-Forum Zürichsee awarded the Entrepreneur Award 2014 to the brothers, Markus and Stefan Kundert from KUNDERT AG in Jona. This award is given to exceptional individuals for their achievements in business. Both directors and owners of KUNDERT AG distinguished themselves, according to the jury, as having true entrepreneurial spirit, innovative power, financial independence and a high level of social responsibility.


The co-owner and Co-Director, Stefan Kundert, acquires his brother Markus' shares on the 20th of September 2016 and consequently become the owner of KUNDERT AG. There is no natural successor in Markus Kundert’s family. However, Stefan Kundert’s son prepares for the chief engineer previously held by Markus Kundert. Markus Kundert will continue in his role as Co-Director of KUNDERT AG and his respective responsibilities to date.


With Pascal Kundert, the 4th generation of the Kundert family joins the company. He takes over the division of Polyutherane.


At the beginning of the year, Markus Kundert retires from KUNDERT AG after 30 years of activity. Stefan Kundert, CEO and owner of KUNDERT AG, will be supported by Pascal Kundert, Jürg Hauser and Dominic Schmid as members of the Executive Board.

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