Our advice in choosing the most suitable material:

We will gladly assist you in your choice of the most suitable and cost-effective material for your application. Our many years of experience are based on solutions designed for applications in the industrial, medical and food sectors using the following families of plastics: thermoplastics, thermosets and fluoroplastics as well as elastomers.

Thanks to its well-founded cooperation with several material suppliers, KUNDERT is able, on the one hand, to offer a vast range of materials and, on the other hand, to always have the latest generation of materials and be able to use them effectively.

Selecting the right material is often bypassed nowadays. Having the necessary material certificates and traceability of raw material batches for use in the medical and food industries, in particular, is increasingly important, and this is an area in which KUNDERT has extensive experience. The following attestations / certificates are requested depending on the material, production process and application:

  • Acceptance test certificate 3.1 and 3.2
  • Dodd-Frank-Act (DFA)
  • EG 2011 / FDA
  • KTW
  • NSF
  • RoHS
  • and others

Our experts are happy to help you with enquiries concerning the required material certificates.

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