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In the production of polyurethane moulded parts and coatings, in addition to process and material knowledge, there is also a great deal of expertise in the design and construction of the moulds used. For this reason, KUNDERT has its own mould construction department in which all casting moulds are designed, constructed and manufactured.

Polyurethane moulds

Casting moulds for polyurethane moulded parts and coatings are made from different materials depending on the application. The key to quality and efficiency in polyurethane processing is the choice of a suitable casting concept, easy handling of the mould and the implementation of the required venting.

Moulds made by KUNDERT

  • Conception
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Maintenance

Benefits for our customers

KUNDERT has an extensive range of so-called master moulds, which enable us to produce only a few additional, item-specific mould elements for certain moulded parts or coatings. This is reflected in an attractive price for our customers.

After the production of customer-specific moulds, the first casts are made, checked for all dimensions at KUNDERT and approved by the customer by means of an initial sample test report. Series production is only started after customer approval.