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Plastics are subject to different physical laws than metals. Above all, the greater thermal expansion, the change in volume due to the absorption of moisture and dimensional changes due to the slow reduction of stresses in the material preclude compliance with the tightest dimensional tolerances - as are common for metals. Since there is still no set of standards with tolerances for machined plastic parts as well as polyurethane molded parts and coatings, KUNDERT has developed the standards published here.

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New  - Round bars, sheets and cuts made of Vulkollan® in the online shop

KUNDERT is building up a stock program for semi-finished products made of polyurethane. The start is made with round bars, sheets and cuts made of UK-VUL 90A (Vulkollan®).

Due to its excellent property profile, UK-VUL 90A has conquered many technical areas of application. The material is used in all areas of application where particularly high wear resistance and high mechanical strength are important.

KUNDERT is a licensed processor of Covestro's products and a contracting partner of Covestro's brands. This framework ensures that the products from Vulkollan® always conform to Covestro's processing guidelines.

Vulkollan® / Desmodur® are registered trademarks of the Covestro Group. More ...

Round bars, sheets and cuts made of UK-VUL 90A can be found in the KUNDERT online shop.

doorboy  ‒ the practical hygiene door opener

A team of KUNDERT employees has been working nearly around the clock over the past few weeks to create a practical hygiene door opener. Thanks to its competence in plastics technology, KUNDERT is able to offer a user-friendly solution with a suitable polyurethane system.

In times of the Corona pandemic, the doorboy allows doors to be opened and closed comfortably with his forearm. This prevents the transmission of viruses to the palm of the hand. But even if you have both hands full, the doorboy still performs valuable services.

The doorboy has been developed for buildings open to the public such as schools, administrations, companies and retirement and nursing homes; however, it can be used just as well in the private sector. The doorboy is offered at manufactoring costs.

Further information about the doorboy:   www.doorboy.ch

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